152MC Sequencing

To sequence my work, I first started off by gathering all my images that I have printed off, and put them into three piles; yes, no and maybe. I then started sticking these… Continue reading

152MC Printing my Final Book

For my final book, I wanted it to have a professional feel therefore, I had to get it printed by someone else as I do not have access to a high quality printer.… Continue reading

152MC Lighting

Throughout my module, I have stuck to natural lighting. I could have used artificial lighting and found myself gaining the confidence to use it after our group workshops however, I wanted my images… Continue reading

152MC Squirrels

Within my book, I have featured an image of bird and squirrel feeders without either of the animals present. I wanted to include this image to make a note of the fact squirrels… Continue reading

152MC Camera Equipment

At the start of this module, I began by using the Canon 5D Mark III as I wanted to produce high quality prints, and I believed this to be the best camera to… Continue reading

152MC Required Images

Within the brief for this project, we have a set of images that we are required to produce. Some didn’t seem like they were relevant to my project however, I managed to think… Continue reading

152MC Coptic Binding

I have chosen to coptic bind my work as it allows me to lay the book flat which means I can experiment more with the layout of the images and have images spread… Continue reading

152MC Choosing a Suitable Font

After sequencing my images and getting my book ready to print, I had to create a title and decide on a font. The title of the work I decided on a couple of… Continue reading

152MC Flowers Blooming at Unusual Times

Within my book, I plan to include some text to give the audience more knowledge about what is happening in the book, and in the world. With this, I wanted to include information… Continue reading

152MC Ash Dieback and Preservation Problems

Preservation is a great way to save our planet however, there may still be problems involved. For example, Ash trees suffer extinction within the UK as well as America due to diseases infecting… Continue reading