152MC Ash Dieback and Preservation Problems

Preservation is a great way to save our planet however, there may still be problems involved. For example, Ash trees suffer extinction within the UK as well as America due to diseases infecting them. Originally, scientists planned to do nothing about it and just replace Ash trees with similar hardwood trees however, healthy Ash trees were found elsewhere and some had been chosen to replant more across England. However, this means destroying the trees to create other trees. I guess here the benefits outweigh the cons and we will have more Ash trees however, what happens if the plan didn’t work and we had destroyed these trees to find we couldn’t reproduce them like we planned.

It is said that if we can’t stop Ash dieback, many other species will suffer as a result which relates back to my post on the importance of conservation where I spoke about how animals may lose their habitat and food. It could wipe out 45 native species and endanger the habitats of 1,000 other species, which again shows how important it is to conserve life.