152MC Choosing a Suitable Font

After sequencing my images and getting my book ready to print, I had to create a title and decide on a font. The title of the work I decided on a couple of weeks ago which struck me by chance. I chose the name Power Plants. This is a play on words of the word powerplant used to describe a power station that generates electricity, whilst polluting the air. This has a great relevance to my work already and since my book is based around plants and how they are affected, it also relates to these plants. I also like this title as it can refer to the power the plants have. If even one species became extinct, it could have serious consequences. There are plants that can hold the cure to cancer, provide animals with shelter, provide us with oxygen, allow species to survive, among other things. I separated the two words so it will be read more in that way, as a plant that holds power.

Font wise, I played around with some I have preloaded on InDesign, as well as some I have downloaded over the course of this project. After playing around a little, I decided a more serious font would work best so it wouldn’t distract from the message or the images. I tried a floral font to match the images however I thought it looked gimmicky and childish therefore, I settled for the first font. Here are the fonts I chose from: