152MC Coptic Binding

I have chosen to coptic bind my work as it allows me to lay the book flat which means I can experiment more with the layout of the images and have images spread across a two page spread properly as well as go across the gutter with my images. I decided to look on the internet for more advanced types of coptic binding to make sure I have a good knowledge on this method and can make an informed decision on how I will present my book. Below is what I found:

I like this method as it allows a colour to be added to the spine which can look really nice however, by looking at it, it seems that the pink parts would be visible and stick through the pages when they are opened which it something I don’t want. An example of what I mean can be seen below where the arrow points to. There would be a small part of the page sticking out which would mean if I had an image spread across two pages, this would get in the way.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 18.15.04

Another image I found inspired me to possibly press flowers and place them within cut outs on the front cover however, just like with choosing the font, I worried this could be too gimmicky and I also worry I won’t have time to press the flowers in time for it. I only realise now that I probably should have looked more into binding earlier on to make sure I could be prepared for it so if I wanted to press flowers, I would have time for it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 18.19.30

Another idea I had was to use a fabric cover and use floral fabric but again, I think I would prefer a plain and simple cover as I don’t want my book to be completely be filled with flowers as it may become misleading. I think a plain black or grey cover will give the book a more serious tone which will match the serious message. A lot of floral fabrics will also be too bright and colourful which will present more of a happy mood. I think grey may work best to give a neutral mood to it or brown/beige which is also neutral and is a colour abundant within nature.