152MC Camera Equipment

At the start of this module, I began by using the Canon 5D Mark III as I wanted to produce high quality prints, and I believed this to be the best camera to use. However, a few weeks later I travelled home and brought this with me and had it stolen whilst I was on the train. This left me with a very low quality digital camera that captured photos at 6 megapixals which would produce really low quality prints. I had however, recently bought a Pentax K1000 which I know to produce great images whilst being compact. This actually worked out really well as I loved the quality of images it went on to produce. The colour of film images always appears slightly different to that of digital and I thought the colours went really well with the theme of my project as they’re slightly dulled and less saturated. It almost takes away some of the beauty of the images to show that something isn’t quite right.

I chose to use Kodak Portra 400 professional film with my camera to get high quality prints. I love how this film turned out and the colours are a really nice shade. Using the same film throughout my project and not editing them on photoshop meant that I have a consistent hue to my work rather than some images being too cold and others being too warm. This made it easier to sequence my images too as I didn’t have to think as much about how to transition my work from warm images to cold images for example.

I used a 50mm lens on my camera which created a lovely depth of field and allowed me to focus on one subject matter and blur out the background/foreground if I wanted to.