152MC Lighting

Throughout my module, I have stuck to natural lighting. I could have used artificial lighting and found myself gaining the confidence to use it after our group workshops however, I wanted my images to remain as natural as possible and only make use of the lighting the world provides me with. This fits the theme of my work better and really portrays the true beauty of nature. In terms of controlling lighting, I often waited for the right moment to take a picture. Sometimes the sun would disappear behind a cloud so I would have to wait a few minutes for it to come back and create the shadows I wanted on the subject. I was able to make images darker or lighter by adjusting the settings on my camera which helped a lot. A good example of how I used natures lighting is shown in the image below where without the sun creating such shadows, this image wouldn’t be anywhere near as appealing or interesting.

With this image, I tried to portray the loss of life through capturing the shadows of the leaves instead of the actual leaves. It is slightly more reminiscent and is an image of something that isn't technically there. The natural lighting here works great in creating beautiful shadows.

One thing I would have liked to do during this project is experiment more in the studio and use the lighting however, after having the camera I borrowed from the loan shop stolen, I had no way to access the studio or book out lighting, especially as the studio was booked up a lot anyway. If I did have access to this, I would have experimented more with photographing plants on tables in vases and creating dramatic lighting effects to try create a serious message. This would probably involve harsh shadows and one side of the plant being almost blacked out whilst having the other side very well lit.