152MC Sequencing

To sequence my work, I first started off by gathering all my images that I have printed off, and put them into three piles; yes, no and maybe. I then started sticking these up onto the magnetic wall at uni so I could see them side by side and properly see how they work together. I chose a peaceful scene for the starter image, then went on to the manmade interrupting peaceful, beautiful spaces. Throughout my book I had my images laid out in categories such as animals and their habitat, flowers, conservation etc. The process of sequencing can be seen in my mock up book in my sketchbook which I added sticky notes to.

I printed two versions off of my book as when I printed off the first one, I saw changes I could make to the sequencing in order to improve my book. Even after the second version I still had a few slight changes I made then sent printed this again, but didn’t spend time sewing them all together again as I didn’t think this was a practical use of my time.