Assignment 2 – Martin Parr Presentation – Problems

I have been struggling a lot with my presentation lately and finding that the theme of humour just isn’t working out for me and I am finding that it’s starting to get very… Continue reading

Considering the Photograph as Art

Our lecture today took a slightly different turn to our usual ones. I would say this was more of a seminar as the whole class got involved in giving our opinions and contribtuing… Continue reading

Assignment 1 – Homage to a Precious Object

After taking the first set of photos for the precious object task and deciding I didn’t like them, I thought a good idea would be to photograph them again to see if I… Continue reading

Photo Walk – Using Tripods and Medium Format

Today we had a seminar with George which related to the lecture we had in the morning called “What is a Landscape”. The seminar involved the use of medium format cameras (for me,… Continue reading

Assignment 1 – Homage to a Precious Object

For the precious object task, I decided to focus on a teddy bear I had got from a friend of mine who unfortunately passed away. Attatched to this teddy bear, I had a… Continue reading

What is a Portrait?

Today we had our second lecture based around what photographs are and going further into detail about certain types of photographs. Today we discussed what a portrait was, so here are the notes… Continue reading

Assignment 1 – Homage to a Precious Object – Initial Thoughts

You should make an image or set of images which pay homage to an object that is precious to you. There should be no text and so you must communicate the value of… Continue reading

Assignment 2 – Martin Parr – Line of Enquiry Updated

Today we had a group critique on our line of enquiry’s in order to help us with our final presentations and gain feedback on what we have done so far. I found this… Continue reading

What is a Photograph?

Our lecture this morning involved discussing what a photograph is. We were asked to bring in a photograph to help with this discussion and look for common characteristics of everyones photographs to work… Continue reading

Assignment 2 – Martin Parr – Line of Enquiry

“The fundamental thing I’m exploring constantly is the difference between the mythology of the place and the reality of it. Remember I make serious photographs disguised as entertainment.” How does Martin Parr use… Continue reading