Assignment 2 – Martin Parr – Initial Research

Student Presentations (25% of the final grade.) You will prepare a short illustrated talk that investigates the working practices of your given practitioner in relation to a particular theme. This project enables you… Continue reading

Greater than the Whole

On Tuesday 30th September, I attended a workshop where we were shown how to use two different medium format cameras; the Mamiya RB67 and the Mamiya 7II. We were then given an assignment… Continue reading

Brand New Topographic’s

Here is the work I produced after my research. I feel that a lot of it doesn’t actually fit in to the “new topographics” theme as a lot of them include people, however… Continue reading

154MC – Summer Task and Reflection.

Task 1: Read and reflect on the following articles. What do they say about the state and future of photography? Do you agree with some ideas more than others? Do these positions lead… Continue reading

154MC – Summer Task 2, Letter To Self

Dear Hayley, There are a lot of things I could write in this letter, I could probably rant on for hours and hours over everything I want to happen in between now and… Continue reading