152MC Why Plant Conservation is Important

“As plants are at risk of extinction, in all parts of the world, their conservation is a priority.” This links to my shoot at Kew Gardens as I believe conservation of all wildlife… Continue reading

152MC Kew Gardens

I recently went to Kew Gardens, as discussed in a previous post, where I used my Pentax K-1000 and Kodak Portra 400 film to get high quality colour film images. All the images… Continue reading

152MC Mitch Epstein

American Power American Power “examines how power is produced and used in Americas landscape. Made on forays to energy production sites and their environs, these pictures question the power of nature, government, corporations,… Continue reading

152MC Affects of Climate Change

Whilst looking more into climate change, I found an article about how it could affects the UK. The data comes from “The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012 Evidence Report” which the website… Continue reading

152MC Kew Gardens

Whilst thinking more about my theme of concentrating on flowers, I remembered a place my mum had told me about a couple weeks ago called Kew Gardens. After looking further into this, it… Continue reading

152MC Daniel Shea

Plume Plume is a photographic exploration of Southeast Ohio and its unusually dense concentration of coal-fired power plants. Geographically rooted in two towns along the Ohio River, the project focuses on Racine and… Continue reading

152MC Britain Risks Running Out of Energy

After talking about how Britain will soon be due a power cut in a one-to-one tutorial with Matt, I decided to look into this further and find evidence for this. I found a… Continue reading

152MC Richard Misrach

Richard Misrach is an American photographer who may be best known for his work depicting the deserts of the American West, as well as his work documenting the changes happening to the environment due… Continue reading

152MC Environmental Policies of Major Parties

Labour Creating Low-Carbon Jobs Put sustainability at the top of the agenda, protecting our natural environment and wildlife for future generations Decarbonise our energy by 2030 End badger cull Ban wild animals being… Continue reading

154MC Tim Hetherington – Infidel: An Extended Critical Reflection

In 2007-2008, Tim Hetherington visited Afghanistan on an assignment with Vanity Fair. He was rooted within a U.S. Army Platoon, which the book “Infidel” is based on. Hetherington allows us an intimate and… Continue reading