152MC Using Expired Film

After looking at the work of Edward Burtynsky and being inspired to use colour film, I started looking into brands to purchase. The first one I looked into was Kodak Portra 400 as… Continue reading

152MC Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is a Candian photographer, well known for his large format images of huge landscapes that have been altered by industries such as mine tailings, quarries and scrap piles. His work relates well… Continue reading

154MC Z-Storm Film Review

I apologise in advance for how negative this review is. I went into it with a very open and positive mind-set however, I was let down. This action/crime thriller may require a bit… Continue reading

154MC The Teachers Diary Review

The Teachers Diary is a heart-warming rom-com directed by Nithiwat Tharathorn. It has a very humorous starting scene, and continues with such scenes throughout. There never seems to be a dull moment within… Continue reading

152MC Flowers

[Sketchbook pages 23-24] I have recently found an article that said flowers were blooming late due to global warming. After a tutorial with Matt, I decided to go out and take pictures around… Continue reading

154MC Letter to Self, Response

Dear Hayley, It’s that time already, the time where I have stumbled across your letter and now need to form some sort of reply to it. Time has gone so quick hasn’t it?… Continue reading

152MC Visiting East Midlands Parkway

To start off my project based around destroying the world, I decided to take a trip to East Midlands Parkway where there is a huge power plant nearby. This instantly sprang to mind… Continue reading

152MC 7 Ways Humans Are Destroying the Earth

To start off my search for ways we are ruining the earth, I decided to a quick google search. Here I found an article entitled “7 Ways Humans Are Destroying the Earth” It… Continue reading

154MC Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular activity

“Artefact informed by extra curricular activity. This should be self sourced and self directed and can be paid or unpaid work but you should reflect on the way in which it will help… Continue reading

152MC Joel Sternfeld

Whilst looking online to purchase Sawdust Mountains by Eirik Johnson, I came across a few interesting books in the recommended section on Amazon. One of these included “Walking the Highline” by Joel Sternfeld.… Continue reading