152MC Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a portrait photographer from America who has shot for Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue and Walt Disney. She is well known for celebrity and fashion shoots however, she still seems to… Continue reading

152MC Music as Inspiration

Inside our research/inspiration packs, we received a CD with a mix of songs on them. I have finally taken the time to listen to this and try take something away from it. Here’s… Continue reading

152MC Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall is a Canadian artist who is very well known for creating narratives within his work. Some of his work involve very high production costs, including actors, props, sets, crews and a… Continue reading

152MC Heather Evans Smith

Heather Smith is a fine art and conceptual photographer from North Carolina. Her work tells stories of women and struggle using both reality and surreal types of imagery. “I want my photographs to… Continue reading

152MC Robert Frank – Storylines

On Friday, I went to the library to look up photo books. Here I picked up any books I saw and chose a random spot on the shelf and picked that book, as… Continue reading

152MC Inspiration Packs

As part of our introduction to the new module, we were given a large envelope each, all with different objects in that may provide inspiration/kick start our research. In my pack, I got… Continue reading

152MC Start of a new Module!

Today we were introduced to our new module: 152MC Working with Light. This module will act as an investigation into the way in which we conduct research and the way we act on… Continue reading

151MC Critical Evaluation

For this project, I set out to create a body of work comparing the different ideas of dream homes from the working class, to their current homes. I wanted to find out how… Continue reading

151MC Final Presentation

I finished my final body of work using Microsoft Powerpoint and converting this into a PDF as most people will already have a PDF reader downloaded on their computer and if not, there… Continue reading

151MC Oxford

I recently went on a trip to Oxford which has much more upmarket homes compared to what can be found in Coventry. Here are some more of my images from that matched up… Continue reading