151MC Final Proposal

For this module, I have chosen to create a project under the theme of “Ownership and Property”. Within this, I have to chosen to look at peoples different ideas of dream homes. I… Continue reading

151MC Matching Images to Responses

Now that I have what I think is enough responses to my survey, I have decided to start matching images to the responses and making more images where needed. Below are the images… Continue reading

151MC Definitions

Before matching pictures to responses, I think a good idea would be to define the different terms I have seen within the responses so I know exactly what is being described. Below are… Continue reading

151MC Quick Notes from watching Grand Designs

Some who are fed up with living in other peoples boxes, want to be unique These aren’t billionaires, these are ordinary people who simply have the vision and determination to embark on one… Continue reading

151MC Leicester

Over the weekend I went to Leicester where I got the chance to photograph a friends home. I plan to include this in my photo book as it will provide an insight into… Continue reading

151MC Dream Homes Survey

On Tuesday, I set up a survey online to help with my project. I posted the link to this on my twitter and facebook and asked people to either fill it in and/or… Continue reading

151MC Property Ladder

Property Ladder: a series of stages in owning houses in which you buy a small house or apartment first and then buy a bigger or more expensive house when you have enough money The TV… Continue reading

151MC Time Management and Project Rethink

Over the course of this module, I feel as though I should have managed my time a lot better. There’s now only 3 weeks till the deadline and I hoped to send my… Continue reading

151MC Inside Barbies Dream House

Whilst looking at Amy Lombards work from my last post, I found a series of work titled “Inside Barbies Dream House” Without even seeing the images this instantly caught my attention and got… Continue reading

151MC Idealised Homes

Amy Lombard Amy Lombard is an American photographer from Philadelphia, PA. In 2010, she started a project based around the showrooms in Ikea titled “Happy Inside”. Part of her artist statement from the… Continue reading